Thursday, November 13, 2014

Portable Buildings and Metal Carports Texas

New Deal Metal Buildings also services Texas, including Houston and the surrounding areas. You've invested a lot in your property, and while the time and effort you sunk in were definitely worth it, everything depends on how well you can care for your possessions. Protect what you own by shielding it from the wind, snow and rain; the metal garages that Texas property owners find here at New Deal are the best tools for safeguarding the things you really value.

Metal buildings in Texas provide economical outdoor protection from snow and hail storms, high temperatures and high winds. Preventing damage from hail and harsh sunlight preserves the finish on your car, truck, camper or RV, and avoiding the effects of excessive heat is equally important. A stand-alone steel garage or carport creates a space for a small business or a shelter for your animals and their food supply. A home workshop gives you space to complete your projects, and aesthetically pleasing designs can complement your property. Our stylishly designed metal buildings are built to last.

Getting Value and Style

 Durable metal garages in Texas are far superior to wood and aluminum buildings of the same size. Our structures can withstand massive snow fall and high winds that occur in some parts of our state, and we can engineer drawings for the most demanding specifications.

Metal carports in Texas as well as steel garages and camper covers are economical to own, requiring little or no upkeep over the years. With no need to paint your building and no need to put a roof or siding on it, you can save money every year. Our fire resistant structures are far less flammable than wood, adding to your peace of mind when you choose to own a metal building. 

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Welcome to New Deal Metal Buildings Blog...

Welcome to our blog! When you live in Louisiana and need covered space for tools or your vehicles, look no further than New Deal Metal Buildings. We craft metal buildings and carports that are affordable and stylish, in Louisiana and surrounding areas, that bring convenience and protection to your possessions. Everything we offer is durable and provides years of solid use.

Louisiana is no stranger to Gulf Coast conditions. This state is prone to receive hail, high winds, sweltering summer sun, and icy winter weather. All of these items can damage your property. To keep your car, camper, or other items safe, a metal building or carport offers an affordable haven. Having a separate space creates an area to house pets or tackle home projects as well. Our stylish designs add curb appeal and raise property value.

Gaining Value and Function

New Deal is ready to serve Louisiana with metal buildings that bring great value and function. Metal structures provide strength that can withstand nature's elements. We are capable of engineering a building to fit individual specifications. Choose from our wide assortment of colors to match your exiting home exterior as well.

It makes sense to purchase a metal carport or steel garage. Each provides an inexpensive cover for an RV, trailer, or extra vehicle and requires little maintenance. The building will never need to be painted or sided, and roofing will not be an issue. This means you enjoy more money in your pocket each year. An added benefit is the security that comes with our structures. Our carports and garages are fire resistant and engineered to withstand swirling winds, so they are virtually indestructible.

Selecting a Roof 

Each one of our structures is built to be aesthetically pleasing. To provide a finished look, we offer a variety of architectural roofing designs. Choose a regular, boxed eve, or vertical style to accommodate your plans. Each building provides traditional appeal or a unique look that accentuates your property. Our team of designers has crafted buildings to fit the needs of the Louisiana environment. For metal buildings and carports that are affordable and stylish in Louisiana, allow New Deal to create something to fit your particular needs.